About Clevedon Commissioning Network

The Clevedon Commissioning Network (CCN) brought together those who were committed to the delivery of services to children and young people in the Town. The first meeting happened in April 2012. The meeting was held at one of the venues for open access youth service delivery, The Barn. The 'crisis' which brought like minded people together was the decision taken by the Local Authority to sacrifice direct delivery of youth services for children and young people to meet significant cost reductions required by changing financial circumstances. The Council sought to engage with others who could deliver services in alternative ways thereby satisfying their perception of the statutory duty to 'facilitate' services to young people.   

Much discussion has occurred during the ensuing period and the formation of the CCN has ensured that services for children and families have continued, improved, developed and most importantly become highly valued by those within the local community who are committed to those who live in the Somerset Town of Clevedon. More information.......


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